Athens, 15th October 2021, Announcement of the completion of the evaluation of the participants in the Third International Photo Contest with topic: “Hagia Sophia. The churches of the Wisdom of God in history and in the world”

The Secretariat of the Interparliamentary Assembly on Orthodoxy (I.A.O.) is pleased to announce the conclusion of the evaluation of the participants for the 3rd International Photo Contest organized in collaboration with the website with topic: “Hagia Sophia. The churches of the Wisdom of God in history and in the world”. This year's Contest was announced in January 2021 for two categories of Churches dedicated to the Wisdom of God: a) Ancient Churches, erected until 1907 and b) Modern Churches, erected from 1907 until today.

In the International Photo Contest 140 contestants from 21 countries participated, to whom the I.A.O. feels the need to express its gratitude for their participation. They submitted their photographic material for evaluation and classification to a competent International Evaluation Committee. The International Evaluation Committee consisted of an eleven-member team of experts from different countries of the world and the evaluation process was completed through three consecutive / successive phases. The results of the Contest will be posted to the I.A.O. website ( and all eight winners will be awarded with the corresponding cash prizes.

The organization of the International Photo Contest is one of the three initiatives undertaken by the I.A.O. in the context of the promotion of the Churches dedicated to the Wisdom of God, on the occasion of the arbitrary decision of the Turkish Leadership to unilaterally turn the Hagia Sophia Church of Constantinople and the Monastery of Chora into mosques, which offends Christianity as a whole, endangers the World Cultural Heritage and ignores the recommendations of the competent International Organization, namely UNESCO. The rest initiatives concern the publication of a special Volume with the same topic, as well as the formation of a relevant cultural route and the submission in the future of a request for its proclamation by the Council of Europe.

By the I.A.O. Secretariat


Category: Ancient Churches

Grand Prize: Larry Angier, USA

Church in North Macedonia, Ohrid

1st place: Venelin Todorov Bulgaria

Church in Bulgaria, Nesebar

2nd place: Tomasz Mościcki

Church in Cyprus, Nicosia

3rd place: Myra K. Koskeridou

Church in Greece, Drama

Honorary mention: Osman Cem Gencturk, Turkey

Church in Turkey, Istanbul

Category: Modern Churches

Grand Prize: Kamil Cywoniuk, Poland

Church in Poland, Bialystok

1st place: Алексей Козлов, Russia

Church in Russia, Samara

2nd place: Maria Wysocka, Poland

Church in Poland, Warsaw
Text file about the church /pdf/

3rd place: Kipouros Konstantinos, Greece

Church Greece, Xanthi

Honorary mention: Stefanos Zarifis, Greece

Church in Greece, Komotini

Rules of the competition